Luxury Condom

The Luxury Condom

Elegant, this First Luxury Condom, (issue from the French tradition) thin and lubricated, is environmentally friendly (carbon offsetting) and committed in the battle against HIV (NGO), The Original Condom Pocket is available in bulk of 12 pcs.

3 Luxury Condoms

The Pocket Box of 3 Luxury Condoms

Delivered with an instruction leaflet, this luxurious little box will easily find its place in your pocket or in your handbag. Created for you to avoid being taken by surprise, you will be safe whatever circumstances. Environmental friendly (carbon offsetting),

6 Luxury Condoms

The Regular Box of 6 Luxury Condoms

This elegant box is inspired from the world of jewelry. You will be proud of displaying it! For each purchase, we give a percentage to a NGO to fight against HIV. Refillable and delivered with an instruction leaflet. (This product